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i love you all <3

i think its about time that i write in here again.
i abandoned all my livejournal friends.
and i'm sorry.
comment if you still love me <3
because that would rock!

if anyone cares, i got my ears up to 7/8"
and they are fucking gorgeous.
here's some links...
for some beautiful pictures.
none of my ears yet, but soon to come.

me and cherise and her super cool cousin laura.

i hope that this works :\
its always the best thing when you think you can talk to someone.and you think that they wont tell anyone. and you think that they're the person you can trust.then they turn around and fucking betray you. you thought they were your friend. when all they were was a liar. thanks so much for leading me on to believe that you were more than that stupid bitch i thought you were. he was right when he told me you were two faced. get over youself. and you know what? i hope that you and your stupid whore of a best friends make it very far. have fu doing E you fucking idiot.

show show show! anyone wanna go?!?!

i'm making this public so that everyone can read it.

if anyone wants to come to this with me.
please let me know.
if you don't know my number it is...
nine four five seven zero nine five

this is a show.
a very good show, that keeley and me are going to.
i want someone from windsor to accompany me.
(because i want the company, and I need a ride)
but yes...
let me know...

My 22nd 
Fom 11AM to 11PM 
60+ bands 
13.00$ a ticket
Clutch Cargos 65 E. Huron St. Pontiac.

ehh...fuck you!

dom came over tonight
and he ate hamburgers
that was fun
me and him are going to see a movie next week

adam jacobson
how i've missed you so
it's been a long time since i've talked to you kid

my love for music is getting bigger and bigger and bigger
and here is a picture
of moi

one of the old ones...refurbishedCollapse )

Mar. 28th, 2005

this community is kick-ass!
oh man, i love being bi

i haven't updated in a while
so i feel it is my duty to entertain you all
with some....

i fucking love picturesCollapse )

i decided that after a long weekend of working
that relaxing on the computer chair and updating my livejournal
would be good for me
relaxing isn't the right word however
how about...
getting a charlie horse in my ass from this fricken 50year old chair that's a pile of shit
as i update
yeah, that's better

i took more pictures tonight
i'm such a camera whore
and i love it!
i went to my cousins house strictly to use her camera
and then lecture her little boyfriend
just making sure that he doesn't fuck her
then leave her
haha they're 12
and it's funny

the pictures should be coming...
soon, hopefully :)
and there are some of my hawt emery track jacket

it's great
and so are YOU!


i just discovered something
it says that i 'exceeded my bandwidth' on photobucket
this means, i either have to delete pictures ( which i dont know will work )
or get a new one



let's make this a test
comment and let me know if it works...

goodness <3Collapse )
check out my super cool new icon
it's so yumm
and i love it




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